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soco & lime

I’ve determined that Delaware is the only place to get a respectable soco & lime shot. We have repeatedly tried to get them in Florida to no avil. Sometimes the bartender puts in way too much soco so that its … Continue reading

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pa & de for the weekend

I’m heading up to DE this weekend. Catching a flight back to Philly late on Friday and then heading down to Delaware for some good times Saturday. Everyone starts school again next week so it’ll be fun to catch people … Continue reading

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Gotta love the eight hour training sessions. They really make being in Florida fun! I can’t complain too much. This weekend was pretty much spent lounging around the hotel and making use of my per diem. The pool here is … Continue reading

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Well, I’m down in Florida for some training. 25 lovely days and nights at the Swan & Dolphin hotel. It’s a little smaller than I remember it, but then again, I was a little smaller the last time I was … Continue reading

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So I went exploring last night, just to take a break from building furnature. I hopped on the bike and went down the really big hill that leads up to my house thats still relatively unpaved (that was fun.) My … Continue reading

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kellie’s birthday

Last night /this morning was a lot of fun. Basically I went out with Kellie to “Old New York,” a club in Old Bridge to celebrate. A cover band was playing with a bunch of kids she knew from Grammer … Continue reading

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habitat for humanity

As part of working for “The Bank” employees must complete four hours of community service. Our chosen service was Habitat for Humanity. My greatest fear was that they were going to let me build something unsupervised and that someone would … Continue reading

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