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peta : thanksgiving edition

PETA has made an awesome parody of the game Cooking Mama, Cooking Mama : Mama Kills Animals : The Unauthorized PETA edition. While I do not agree in whole with PETA’s principles and methods, I do find some of the … Continue reading

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new tires

Yesterday I dropped my car off for state inspections. As expected, the tires on my car were totally screwed up. They were so bad that I actually failed inspection on the front two (they were worn to the tred bar.) … Continue reading

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new blackberry

Just ordered the Blackberry Storm which will mark my return to Verizon Wireless (due in large part to customer service and quality issues at my last carrier.) I have a faster 3G network and fancy touchscreen to look forward to. … Continue reading

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american car commercials

I am writing a longer post on this but, for the time being: I just saw a commercial for Dodge. The commercial was advertising a minivan, two trucks and an suv. These companies just don’t get it…

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