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what really grinds my gears

Earlier today I had the lovely experience of being hit by a man on a mountain bike as I walked to work. Now, I would understand if this happened while I was in a cross-walk and an aggressive messenger trying … Continue reading

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I some how managed to lose both my livestrong bracelet and SJL Rowing bracelet between last night and this morning. I realized this around 8am and completely freaked. It’s funny how if you don’t have something on your body that … Continue reading

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such a moron

Something is very wrong with the chain on my bike right now, and its very bad considering the MS 150 is only a few days away. In the past two days I have found myself spinning up a hill when … Continue reading

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just a pinch flat?

There is nothing quite like getting all ready for a ride, picking up your bike and realizing that one of your tires was flat. You distinctly remember it not being flat the night before, but now all of a sudden … Continue reading

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moderately injured

This was quite the weekend for injuries. 1) Friday after work one of The Firm’s partners had a few people over for some volleyball and swimming. Now, I am not very good at volleyball and my general strategy is to … Continue reading

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two gripes with septa

In less than 24 hours SEPTA has managed to piss me off twice. New record I think… 1) I rode SEPTA back from the bike race in Manayunk yesterday. A ride of less than one mile. It was hot and … Continue reading

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So I’ve been good this past week. Lately I have found myself not wanting to ride once I get home from work. It’s hot and I’m tired. Not a good combination. The solution? Convince the roommate (or vice versa) that … Continue reading

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