Well, I’m down in Florida for some training. 25 lovely days and nights at the Swan & Dolphin hotel. It’s a little smaller than I remember it, but then again, I was a little smaller the last time I was here. It’s been an okay time so far. Some of the initial classes have been straight power point and borning. But we have been going out around town at night to make up for that. Tonight I am pacing myself, because four weeks of this will send me into a comma.

The trip down was rather interesting. I ended up waiting almost an hour to get through the security checkpoints. (All becuase people hate us.) After getting on the plane I had to sit between two rather large people. The flight was overbooked, but I managed to get a seat in the bulkhead row, so I had lots of leg room. Right after we got in the air I opened the overhead compartment to get my bag, and someone elses briefcase comes flying down and hits someone in the head. I stand there in awe just appologizing to the guy. I felt so bad, but it wasn’t my fault. He says hes okay, but about 30 mins into the flight he starts complaining to the flight attendant that his neck hurts and blah blah blah. She makes him fill out an accident report, and then she turns to me and makes me fill a sheet out with my name and address. I’m like whatever, I think I have insurnace that covers this if I get sued. The guy kept saying it wasn’t my fault, but I’m not going to be surprised if I have a nice letter waiting for me when I get home… Too bad they have to find me to serve me hahahaha.

After we landed I headed over to the baggage claim. (Where all my bags were because I checked everything because not doing so would have been a nightmare.) An hour and a half later I am at the lost luggage counter telling the woman the address of the hotel I am staying at. It was a pretty bad day. All is well now though, I have my luggage, and it wasn’t beat up too bad. It just wanted to take a later flight than me.

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