Gotta love the eight hour training sessions. They really make being in Florida fun!

I can’t complain too much. This weekend was pretty much spent lounging around the hotel and making use of my per diem. The pool here is really nice, and its a good change of pace from going to classes and being indoors all day. It seems like we go out every single night, and its a huge change of pace from school when we were lucky to get out once a week. It’s really starting to wear me out though, thats why it was nice to just hang out around the hotel for a day or two.
I really miss going out for bike rides. I miss just exploring new places and dealing with all the crazy philly people. They keep things interesting. Theres not too much alone time here, your always with people and around people and it can become very stressful.

I will get to go home for a few hours this weekend. I have a lot of mail waiting for me, and some things to sort out. Hopefully I will get to stop by Delaware this weekend and hang out with everyone one last time before the semester and work starts.

Some of us who will be here in training over the labor day holiday weekend are planning a trip down to Fort Lauderdale. Woot! Maybe I can convince my uncle to let me have the condo for a few days. That would be sweet.

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