habitat for humanity

As part of working for “The Bank” employees must complete four hours of community service. Our chosen service was Habitat for Humanity. My greatest fear was that they were going to let me build something unsupervised and that someone would get hurt later because I had no idea what I was doing. Thank goodness it was a little different then that.

As part of the paperwork habitat sends you before you work, they say you must wear pants even if it is hot outside. It was over 100 degrees today, I figured that pants clause didn’t apply anymore and took my chances with shorts. No one said anything. Basically I figured out who does most of the habitat work. It’s basically all retired old men who I guess have found a pretty good hobby. Their all crazy strong though, they have that old man strength. For my efforts I got to build a scaffolding above some stairs, and hang some drywall. I learned that I’m not that good at hammering things, and that drywall makes me itch. Other than that it was a pretty good time, overall much better than sitting at a desk all day.

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