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junk mail

No. Not SPAM. I’m talking about the real life in your physical mailbox kind. I seem to get an awful lot of it compared to my roommate, and it mostly focuses on credit card offers and car insurance quotes. For … Continue reading

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rob & big

The Rob & Big Show has been brought to my attention as quite possibly one of the greatest shows on television. I base this solely on the fact that they purchased a mini-horse to keep in their downtown Hollywood home. … Continue reading

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adventures in indianapolis

Just arrived back after traveling to Indianapolis for work. Let me tell you; not much of anything there. Our adventure started on the third smallest plane I have ever been on, but it was fairly empty so I was able … Continue reading

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concert annoyances

Went down to Delaware this past Tuesday to see the rocket summer, boys like girls and hellogoodbye perform. During the performance I was reminded of one of the many things at concerts that really annoys me… before we get to … Continue reading

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letter to the editor

Dear Circuit City, I used to hate you because your stores were crap. Now I hate you because your ads for your ‘firedog service’ (more on that later) take over the entire damn webpage. Leaving me unable to click any … Continue reading

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