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hotel ergs

I found an erg (rowing machine) at the hotel I am staying at in Chicago. So, I of course had to try and and find out just how bad I have become over the past few years. I’m pretty, bad … Continue reading

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detroit city

I spent the past few days in and around the wondrous city known as Detroit. Or as the French call it, D├ętroit [det wa!] This was one of the many fact’s I learned about five minutes after I arrived at … Continue reading

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bottled water part duex

Today I found an interesting little application called xtra normal. Check out a video rendering of the bottled water post below.

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advertisements for water

Do we really need to advertise water? I mean, you can pretty much get it from everything, including your kitchen sink. Isn’t that enough? I get why they would advertise the Brita or Pur systems, as those purify the water … Continue reading

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fall back, spring forward

I was just thinking, seeing as this is “change the clocks to screw me up weekend” the old mnemonic “Fall back, Spring forward” dosn’t really apply anymore due to our wonderful Congress which as seen fit to move the day … Continue reading

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letters to strangers

Dear American Express, Thank you ever so much for sending me a $15 off coupon to a restaurant which is located 421 miles from me. This is greatly appreciated, and I will file it under the appropriate category, which is … Continue reading

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microsoft’s future

check out the future : Office 2019

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