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30 days

I am exactly thirty days away from this years Multiple Sclerosis Society City to Shore ride. Last year at this time I had all of my donations in, and I was training daily (a hell of a lot after my … Continue reading

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mcdonalds commercials

Lately McDonalds has been showing some rather offensive commercials on the Food Network. Not offensive in the way that I was personally offended. I was offended because you think people will actually buy (pun-intended) into this crap. There are three … Continue reading

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While we are on the topic of things that frustrate me; I do not understand why guys wear business dress clothes and sneakers… I understand the rational for women. Heals are painful and hard to walk in. So, leave the … Continue reading

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expecting mothers parking?!

Please do not think me insensitive for this post, but I was at the supermarket earlier today and I saw something that I truely do not understand… Why do expectant mothers at supermarkets get primo parking? I mean, I understand … Continue reading

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wrong turn

Last night as I was taking the R6 home we stopped about five minutes into our journey. After about ten minutes we start moving again but only about 100 or so feet before we stop again. We sit like that … Continue reading

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The stock markets have been brutal lately. I’ve watched two years of saving and paper gains be wiped out in the course of the past few months. However, being the good little risk taker I am, I am going against … Continue reading

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food addiction

I think I am addicted to going to the supermarket. I have gone three times in the fast week, and each time I just wander up and down the aisles (or is it isles) looking for new and interesting things … Continue reading

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