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police quotas

Honestly, I never really believed in the concept of police quotas where towards the end of the month, if the revenue numbers expected by the municipaliy were not looking good the police would be on the prowl and more likely … Continue reading

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yum yum sauce

In the past two weeks I have managed to find myself at a hibachi restaurant in two different states. Somewhere in the course of both of those dinners I became addicted to yum yum sauce aka shrimp or white sauce. … Continue reading

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financial question

I just got a 1099-INT statement from Chase (formerly Washington Mutual) showing the interest my online CD accounts earned in 2008. Now, I opened these accounts in October of 2008 with a 12 month maturity. Which means, while my account … Continue reading

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stealin’ my email

After using Project Playlist to find music for the past year I finally decided to sign up for an account so I could use the playlist feature. Imagine my surprise when I am told that my email address already has … Continue reading

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storage unit

Sometimes I feel like I have a really expensive storage unit. Due to traveling for work, and the fact that for the next few weekends I am going to be out of town, I realized that I won’t be in … Continue reading

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ahem. embarassment averted.

Imagine my surprise as I am getting ready for work this morning and just as I am about to leave the hotel I check one last time in the mirror and I notice that my shirt is ripping from my … Continue reading

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