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jury duty – it’s your duty!

Today I had the distinct pleasure of going down to City Hall and serving as a potential juror. Last night I called the selection commission’s number in the hopes that my instructions had changed and I did not have to … Continue reading

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Last night I decided that I would go to my favorite store, the Supermarket. I capitalize Supermarket, because it is worth of such a designation. Anyway, after a good 45 minutes of deciding what I wanted to eat over the … Continue reading

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the dark knight

After being sold out for days I was finally able to get tickets to the 5pm showing of The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater at the Franklin Institute. At first walking into the IMAX room, I was thrown off … Continue reading

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i call it

only maginally creepy when your cable company reads what you write:

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almost scammed

Perusing craigslist for apartments the other day I came across an unbelievable deal: The Metropolitan, 117 North 15th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and 2 bathrooms, square ft. The rent for 1 month is $1,200.00 … Continue reading

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4th of july

I spent my first Fourth of July in Philly (I was in Rome last year) by heading to The Parkway and The Art Museum. There was a Fourth of July Parade, which is the first parade I have ever seen … Continue reading

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elevators are scary

Looking back on the experience now, with a peculiarly melancholic kind of bewilderment, he recognizes that he walked onto an elevator one night, with his life in one kind of shape, and emerged from it with his life in another. … Continue reading

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