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2011 til date

Major updates: Jan – March: I did P90X and then stopped. In March I went to Barcelona, Granada and Madrid Spain. I enjoyed copious amounts of food and took many pictures. Even now I am craving some chorizo, queso and … Continue reading

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clear philadelphia

A few months back Clear, the WiMax 4G Joint-Venture between Sprint, Comcast and a host of other companies launched in the Philadelphia area claiming broadband speeds up to 4X faster than the cell phone companies. Given that neither Comcast High-speed, … Continue reading

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what really grinds my gears

Earlier today I had the lovely experience of being hit by a man on a mountain bike as I walked to work. Now, I would understand if this happened while I was in a cross-walk and an aggressive messenger trying … Continue reading

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septa strike | conspiracies abound

Article: Union leaders turn down “sensational” deal Imagine my surprise when earlier today I wander down to the bus stop at 8th and Arch and wait patiently for a bus that was never going to come. Apparently, at 3am SEPTA’s … Continue reading

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I trekked out to Northern Liberties last night to try out the Royal with Cheese from PYT (Pick Your Topping.) I had trouble getting a cab so I ended up walking, which wasn’t bad. It only took about 25 minutes … Continue reading

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social experiment by mistake

Moving into my new apartment earlier this month presented the opportunity to perform a social experiment. I have an old 27” CRT TV from my college days which due to some strange reasons has continued to follow me. When I … Continue reading

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pay-for TV woe

I learned something new today, even if you a) live in the city where Comcast is based, and b) Comcast has a franchise in the city where you live, you might still not be able to get cable in your … Continue reading

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