pay-for TV woe

I learned something new today, even if you a) live in the city where Comcast is based, and b) Comcast has a franchise in the city where you live, you might still not be able to get cable in your new building. 🙁 Condos can negotiate with, for lack of a better term, what I am going to call TV management companies. These companies control the type of service offered in the condos and basically add overhead.

My options are limited to Verizon FiOS for Internet (not a bad choice), and severely crippled 12 or 24 month contract encumbered packages of Dish Network or DirecTV re-sold by Hotwire Communications. Stupid MDUs.

Of course, I don’ really care about pay-for TV. I’m just as happy streaming Hulu to my TV or watching whatever I happen to have in my Blockbuster Queue. Although, TrueBlood has been awesome this season.

I’m still holding out hope that Comcast will offer to run a line just to my unit… I promise I’ll sign up for all of the packages which make you the most money!

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