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on airlines & baggage

As anyone who has ever flown in, once seen, or thought about an airplane, I feel as though it is my patriotic duty to add my inflation adjusted $0.02 into the mix. In-case you have been hiding under a rock … Continue reading

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price discrimination in action

I came across something during my Sunday shopping routine that really bothered me today. Recently I have been drinking those V8 Splash, vegetable juice hidden in fruit juice, things. I noticed they make a “light” version which has half the … Continue reading

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get real

Time for me to take a moment to talk about my favorite topic, theĀ  way we measure our unemployment rate and misinformed reactions. Take this headline from earlier today: Rally loses steam on Wall Street after early surge fueled by … Continue reading

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quickly now, spend!

Happy Black Friday everyone. Do your part to stimulate our grossly mis-informed measurement of the economy by spending your money on all those door-buster sales!

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healthcare commentary

I just read an interesting passage in The Undercover Economist which directly applies to the current healthcare debate even though it was published back in 2005. Hartford, the book’s author, describes the current failure of the “free market” in providing … Continue reading

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history books

Do you ever wonder what school children will read in history textbooks 50 years from now? Will they actually call this the Great Recession and outline the programs put in place by the Bush/Obama administrations aimed at restarting lending (TALF), … Continue reading

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the media’s perpetual misunderstanding

Article: CNN Money: Washington’s inconvenient truths Please indulge me as I discuss another misinformed article on CNN Money / Fortune. I believe the intent of the article was to analyze the effect the recent “economic recovery” will have on the … Continue reading

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