police quotas

Honestly, I never really believed in the concept of police quotas where towards the end of the month, if the revenue numbers expected by the municipaliy were not looking good the police would be on the prowl and more likely to give a ticket for traffic violations.

That was, until today.

As I was heading down Ridge Ave and onto Ridge Pike, a street where I have never seen a patrol car during the day, on January 31st I see five. Five patrol cars on a three mile stretch of road. Now, some of you might be like, well perhaps something happened. No, nothing happened. I watched as these patrol cars from Whitemarsh Township would turn around once they reached the Philly boarder and head in the other direction and do the same thing once they go to the other end of the town. I noticed this as I was up and down the road a few times this afternoon.The speed limit is a paltry 35mpg which just begs people to speed on this critical piece of infrastructure.

Guess Whitemarh Township isn’t going to hit its numbers this quarter…

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2 Responses to police quotas

  1. Whitemarsh Township Citizen says:

    Speed enforcement is for the safety of the citizens of Whitemarsh Township. I forwarded your remarks to the Whitemarsh Township Police Department.

  2. britoman says:

    I understand the purpose of speed enforcement and the important factor it plays in maintaining the safety of our neighborhoods, especially those with young children.

    I take issue with initiatives which purport to be in the public interest yet are really self-serving, such as artificially low speed limits and increased patrols at the end of the month in an effort to raise city revenues.

    Perhaps there was a legitimate reason for the increased patrol activity in the area. I do not have all the facts, but it does look suspicious given the time of month and current economic situation faced by Pennsylvania municipalities. I look forward to the response from the Whitemarsh PD.

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