stealin’ my email

After using Project Playlist to find music for the past year I finally decided to sign up for an account so I could use the playlist feature. Imagine my surprise when I am told that my email address already has an account on this site.

Figuring that I had signed up a long time ago and just forgot I tried logging in and cycling through my standard usernames and passwords. After a few attempts I just clicked the ‘forgot my username and password’ link. A moment later I get an email saying that my username was ‘Cris 99’ and my password had been reset.

Hmm… I can honestly say that I have never in my life, nor will I ever in my life assign myself a username of ‘Cris 99’. After logging into the site with my new credentials I noticed that there were already a number of… uh… creative playlists created as well as a number of people of which I was ‘friends’.

Fantastic. Apparently someone created an account on this site and decided (or mistakenly) used my email address. Oh well, unfortunately for them the password has been reset and they have no way of regaining access to the account. I decided to clear out the playlists and remove all the ‘friends’. Unfortuantely, I’m stuck with the Cris 99 username…

Don’t worry, I made sure to reset my email password as well, just in case!

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