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stolen lunch

I am so mad (and hungry) right now. This morning I brought in a delicious thanksgiving turkey dinner lean cuisine and placed it in the freezer. Moments ago I returned to said freezer to obtain my lunch and noticed that … Continue reading

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just a pinch flat?

There is nothing quite like getting all ready for a ride, picking up your bike and realizing that one of your tires was flat. You distinctly remember it not being flat the night before, but now all of a sudden … Continue reading

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So yesterday I decided to put all of my nice dress shirts and a chapstick in the dryer, you know… just for kicks. Well. Needless to say I either have a very expensive dry cleaning bill coming or I am … Continue reading

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haunted speakers

Ok. This has been going on for the better part of a year, but this morning it is particularly loud. For some reason the speakers on my computer pick up either 1) a classical AM station or 2) trucker radio. … Continue reading

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schuylkill punch

Friday night I went to a party on Boathouse row. I ended up running into way to many random Delaware kids, but it was an overall good time. Towards the end of the night a bunch of people get the … Continue reading

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