expecting mothers parking?!

Please do not think me insensitive for this post, but I was at the supermarket earlier today and I saw something that I truely do not understand… Why do expectant mothers at supermarkets get primo parking?

I mean, I understand the handicap parking signs, you know, the ones mandated by state law. The ones you can be fined $100 if you violate. However, these ‘expectant mother’ signs are placed there by the supermarket with no enforcement mechanism. Sure, if some woman is eight months pregnant and still has to go shopping, than sure, park closer. Although I think there are larger problems at home if this poor woman has to still buy the groceries at eight months…

On the other hand, you can’t really tell if the woman parking there is ‘expecting’ or not. I mean you could just be some regular lady, and have no problem parking there. If anyone asks, just say you are three months in and aren’t showing yet. This also begs the questions, does the ‘expecting mother’ have to be alone? What if I was the husband and driving the car. Could I park there as long as she was with me? How come no other stores have these kinds of signs? Could you imagine, a maternity store with ‘expecting mothers’ parking. That would be hilarious.

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