30 days

I am exactly thirty days away from this years Multiple Sclerosis Society City to Shore ride. Last year at this time I had all of my donations in, and I was training daily (a hell of a lot after my failed attempt at a cat 5 race.)  In fact I trained so well that I maintained a 21.5 mph average over both days. I was even the first one to finish from my team, and one of the first few to finish the overall ride. Now, I know it’s not a race, but the way some people were ridding, it sure felt like one.

This year on the other hand, with how busy things have been in every aspect of my life I find myself having only ridden two or three times a week. I am uber slow, and I weigh ten pounds more than last year. That’s a 7% increase! My longest distance ride this season was 37 miles. That isn’t even half way there.

In an effort to incent myself to find the time to ride more, I made up a little chart. The chart is a list of things I want with the price tag next to it. A half an hour of riding is worth $10. So each time I go for a ride, I am at least $10 closer to something I want!

Now to see if I really stick with it. I’m only two rides away from my first goal…

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