two gripes with septa

In less than 24 hours SEPTA has managed to piss me off twice. New record I think…

1) I rode SEPTA back from the bike race in Manayunk yesterday. A ride of less than one mile. It was hot and I just didn’t feel like human powering my way back. Well as soon as we get to the Ivy Ridge stop and some people get up to leave the conductor gets very angry. “This train don’t move till I say it moves. Where are ya’ll tickets?” What the heck man?! If I get to my stop before you collect my ticket, I win. Thats the rule. You don’t get to change the rules in the middle of the game. I reluctantly gave the guy my ticket, however the girls behind me ran off the train. He called after them asking if that “made their day?” To which they replied, “YES!”

2) The 5:37 train pulled into Suburban Station three cars short. You do the math. New rule; if you don’t have a seat on the train you shouldn’t have to pay for your ticket.

P.S. Another new rule: If you are too out of shape to climb the stairs to the train, thereby holding everyone behind you up as you pant and crawl. You should take a cab to work.

It’s hot out.

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