the dark knight

After being sold out for days I was finally able to get tickets to the 5pm showing of The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater at the Franklin Institute.

At first walking into the IMAX room, I was thrown off balance, the room is essentially a huge dome with very steep stadium seating. If you don’t look at where you are going, you will be immediately thrown off balance and will likely fall. Unfortunately we got there kind of in the middle of the pack, so we had to sit about mid way up but on one of the sides.

I honestly did not expect the movie to be as BIG as it was. It seriously took over the entire wall and you had to move your head to see all of the elements on the screen. It was nuts. The city fly-bys and pan shots looked great. The fight scenes were confusing and made me dizzy. Due to our position a lot of the video on the right side of the screen was heavily curved and above us. That meant that you had to strain your neck to see a good amount of the movie.

My overall assessment for IMAX movies, is you have to be at the top in the dead center to have the best experiance.

P.S. The Joker was my favorite charater.

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