hotel ergs

I found an erg (rowing machine) at the hotel I am staying at in Chicago. So, I of course had to try and and find out just how bad I have become over the past few years. I’m pretty, bad but not awful. Let’s just say I’m not making the first boat.

However, one of my favorite things about going to gyms which have ergs is watching other people try and use them. It’s kind of like a car crash, you don’t want to look because it is so awful, but you do anyway. Honestly, it’s hilarious. Everyone tries to muscle it within the first ten strokes. Big dudes go up to the thing, pull the wind resistance at ten (the highest) and pull as hard as they can for two or three strokes, then realize it’s harder than I am making it look and next thing you know, their split is a minute higher than mine. Not to mention the fact that their arms are all over the place, practically hitting their legs as they try and come back up to the catch.

Ahhh, if you understood half of what I said, than you were probably a rower at some point. If not, please stay away from the ergs in hotel gyms. It just makes you look pretty silly.

P.S. I pulled a 1:59 split on a 1k piece. Only 19 seconds off senior year of college.

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