OK, so heres the scoop. My scheduled return from Greenville, SC was scheduled to start at 5:10pm allowing me to be home by 6:30pm. It’s currently about 9:38 and I’m not looking at being home any-time before 2am tomorrow… let’s take a look at how I got here. (Only because I’m bored, tired and really don’t feel like doing any actual work anymore.)

The second I get through security in Greenville (which took all of about 3 minutes), I hear an announcement that my flight (the only flight) to Philly has been canceled. Crap. The only thing to do, see what connections I can get… I manage to get a flight at 5:51 from Greenville to Charlotte, NC with a 7:30pm connection to Philadelphia. 5:51 becomes 7:15 very quickly, during which time the weather outside turned very… frightful. Of course, Greenville from Charlotte is about 17 minutes by air, which means if the weather is bad in Greenville, it is most likely bad in Charlotte too.

We finally make it onto the plane and take off. For some reason a 17 minute flight became a little over 30 minutes and we land and taxi all around Charlotte. From my tiny little window I could see the gate and plane I needed to be one exactly 10 minutes ago. We finally arrive at the gate, and I RUN, and I mean RUN to the other gate, which is in another terminal (of course). I arrive at the gate only to watch the flight pull away…

Now I’m faced with the decision to either stay the night in Charlotte or to try and get onto the 9:50 (which has become an 11:35). I decide to let that make my decision for me, if I can get a seat I’ll bear it out… if not, I take the earliest flight out in the morning and stay at the airport Sheraton (shudder).

I approach a lovely gate associate who takes 15 minutes of typing to tell me that he has a seat on the flight for me, but he can’t print a boarding pass. “It acts like its printing, but it jus dosn’t!” So he writes some info (i.e., the flight number and gate) on my other ticket and says that should do it… Frankly I don’t trust him. So I called US Airways and verified that I did infact have a seat on the flight, and I wandered up to another gate agent and had them print me a real live boarding pass. I like things I can hold…

That brings me to now… basically we are waiting for a plane from Regan National Airport to hopefully arrive here before 11:35 (which when I last checked, was not scheduled to happen).

Ah well… I’ll find someway to keep myself entertained…

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