vegas part I & moab

So far things have been going very well. There has only been the occasional moment where I wanted to kill myself.

The Luxor is a really great hotel, considering I love Egyptian themes. Our rooms were huge, they were on the corner of the pyramid so they were bigger than the regular rooms, and had four beds in each of them. No sharing, thats how we roll. Although, the “elevator” to get to the rooms was odd. It was inclined at a 45 degree angle, so you went both up and sideways at the same time. A weird sensation at first, but you get used to it.

We saw the Blue Man Group our second night. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as nothing I read ever really described the show. And I’m going to have a hard time doing it here. It’s really just three men painted blue doing really entertaining things with music, light and paint on a stage. There is no talking, except by this computer that tells you want to do. Oh yeah, and theres lots and lots of toilet paper. It was “freakin awesome.”

Saturday morning we rented a van and drove up to Moab, Utah. (Here’s where mom starts to fail me.) I was pretty sure Utah was in a different time zone than Vegas, but when I asked everyone was like, “no, no same time zone…” Sure enough halfway into the drive, we cross into Utah, and my cell phone clock changes. Everyone starts freaking out and wondering why thier phones changed while I smuggly sat back and watched. We lost yet another hour to driving. Mom also told us it was going to be a four hour drive, it turned out to be a seven hour drive. I sat next to her the whole way up and she never stopped figiting. It was tough. The drive was very senic though. We drove up and down mountains, and through canyons. We stopped to take pictures with weird rocks and met some even weirder locals.

Rest stops in Utah are a little different. We stopped at a KFC/Taco Bell (Worlds Greatest Place Ever) and all ordered from this girl that looked like a ghost. The takes our order like a zombie and kind of puts us off to the side while other people order. I swear to god it took over 20 minutes to get my food at KFC/Taco Bell. While we were waiting, we were on display for all the people in the resturant to stare at. Note to self: Do Not Wear “My Weiner Rocks” shirt out west.

The cabins we were sapposed to be staying in were not finished being built when we arrived, so we ended up saying in a lodge. The place is actually pretty nice, its on a grape ranch (of all places) and has (spotty) internet (which is more than I can say for the Luxor.) However, there is no cell tower for at least 50 miles. 

Whitewater rafting did leave a whole lot to be desired. Once again mom fails, but it wasn’t entirely her fault. She told the rafting company that we wanted to be in the “oared raft.” Apparently there were three types of things we could have done. The oarded raft, the paddle raft or the kyack rafts. Now, she should have chosen the kyack rafts, but whatever. She picked the oared raft, thinking that each of us would have oars and we would go down the river rowing. No. Only the guide has oars while we sat there, like the biggest lazy people in the world. I felt so stupid and awkward, like everyone was thinking “what a baby, can’t even row down the river.” At least during the half-way point some people left and the guide asked me if I wanted to use the kyack rafts. I jumpped at the chance and finished up the day on that. It was way more fun that sitting while someone else took you down the river.

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