when being 21 isn’t enough

Last night a few friends and I went out for drinks in center city to celebrate a friends last night in Philly. When we arrived at the establishment of her choosing I am the first in line. Since it was after 9pm they were checking IDs at the door. I hand my official PA Drivers License over to him expecting a cursory glance and him to hand it back. No. He keep staring at it and looking at me, staring at it and looking at me. Then he asks if I have another form of ID since the picture on the license doesn’t look like me.

No, I reply. I do not have another form of ID on me. (I decided about a month ago to no longer carry around my Delaware ID as I have been done for three years. Besides the picture on there is seven years old and would not help in situations like this.) He starts to say how he can’t let me in without some other form of ID because he dosn’t believe that my official state license is mine. After showing him every single credit card, health insurance card, blockbuster card in my wallet he finally relents and let’s me into the establishment.

I’m still dumbfounded. I guess I should go and get a new picture taken if this happens again…

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