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So I’ve been flirting with the idea of buying a puppy for some time now. Realistically, I know it can’t happen at this stage of my life. The roommate wouldn’t be too excited, or take care of the thing. I’d feel bad keeping it in an apartment, I’ll be away a lot, I won’t want to train it etc… but that doesn’t stop be from still wanting a puppy (or a penguin.)

Saturday was spent visiting two animal shelters with a friend. The Camden County Anmial Shelter (CCAS) in NJ, and the PAWS of Philadelphia shelter.

If I were to get a puppy, it would have to be a small to medium sized dog, ideally a daschund or bulldog, however I am open to anything awesome. The CCAS facility was fairly nice, with a decent amount of animals. They didn’t have anything small, but they did have this awesome pit bull. She was all white and really mellow. And it really wanted to be taken out of its cage and played with. She was 1 – 2 years old seemed to have a really great temperament, I really wanted my friend to adopt this one since I knew I would get to puppy sit. Alas, it was just too big for apartment living.

PAWS of Philadelphia was the scariest and saddest place I have ever been.  The animals are all kept in doors and in very tiny cages. The entire place was dirty and smelled terrible. I felt so bad for the animals. Most of the dogs were huge rottweilers with very very angry tempermets. It looked like a few of those dogs had been in a fight or two… Needless to say, we left that place pretty quickly.

The result of the day was no puppies adopted. I’ll be on the lookout, if anyone comes across a stray chimp or penguin, send it my way. I have an elaborate plan.

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