real, real world starts tomorrow

So in the past four weeks, I have flown four times. Two out of those four times I have had problems with US Airways. The first time they lost my luggage. The second time, my flight is about 8 hours delayed and it’s the last flight out. At this point it’s the last day of training and I want to get the hell out of Orlando.

On the advice of what I’m going to call an airline veteran I went to the airport, stood in the first class / preferred line (of which I am neither) and put a smile on my face as I approached the ticket agent. I told her my predicament and asked very nicely if she could put me on the earlier flight (which was leaving in about 30 minutes.) She mumbles, types a whole bunch of things into her computer and out prints a ticket. Woot! My fellow collogues followed my lead and tried the same, they got charged a $25 change of flight fee, hehe, must have been the smile.

Moral of the story, pretend you’re important and people will think you are.

Now that training is over, I am back in Philadelphia and ready to start work on a client in center city. This should be interesting, as I worked for them last year and remember the structure of their organization. However it’s going to be very weird being an associate, not an intern. I no longer feel as if I can do no wrong. I can be fired and out of a job and bankrupt so quick its not even funny.

Rent’s expensive.

P.S. I love fall and sort of can’t wait for it to happen.

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