moving sale

We got back late last night (or early this morning) from Vegas and we had to get the house ready for our “moving sale.” Going on 4 hours of sleep after traveling all day and working out this morning was not really my idea of fun, but whatever. It is amazing how many crazies, I mean, customers, show up at 7am to buy your old crap. It’s also amazing how they will haggle with you over something you are selling for a dollar.

I’m just mad no one is buying my old computer stuff, and now I have to lug it to a special dump.

The funniest part of the whole day, is that everytime someone found something to place outside for sale, another family member would walk by and be like “Oh, were selling this, this is cool I want it!” It’s really hard to get rid of stuff when that happens. My personal goal was to be like this one Rugrats episode I saw when I was little. You just start putting everything in the house up for sale. The couch, the TV’s, everything and when everyone comes in at the end of the day, everythings gone. It makes for an easy move.

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