the end of “anonymous coward?”

Article: Yahoo: Now Accepting Facebook ID (Business Week)

Conceding to the ubiquity of Facebook as the default form of identity on the Web while helping further it, Yahoo announced a partnership with the social network on Wednesday that will enable users of Yahoo’s home page, mail, and other sites to share content with friends using their Facebook accounts.

Is this the end of anonymity on the Internet? Major sites left and right seem to be ditching either anonymous commenting or their own authentication repositories in favor of Facebook. This means that someone could very easily Google your name and see your random comments on some niche website you thought no one would read. Granted, you can create a fake Facebook account for this purpose, but no one from the masses is going to go through that much effort. Word to the wise, be-careful where (and what) you comment.

Even CNN has Facebook integration… Now how are all the trolls going to get fed?

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