to crash a state dinner

The cable news media was domonated this morning with the story about a couple who “crashed” a White House state dinner this past Tuesday. First off, if this is true, it speaks volumes about the security practices currently in place. It’s not like this was a covert operation in a Bond movie where they landed on the roof, ripped off their jump suits and had a tux and dress underneath. These people just walked up to the “front door” and talked their way into the White House. I wonder if the White House does place cards or if they just didn’t sit at the dinner table??? This I guess we will never know…

Some poor soul at the Secret Service is not going to have a job on Monday…

I find it hilarious that there are pictures of them posing with Vice President Joe Biden. They look like old pals in the pictures. Good ole’ Joe!

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  1. washiscoach says:

    The Secret Service was quick to point out that they had to pass through the same security screening as everyone else. This is true – it would have been hard for them to smuggle through weapons – but what if they were martial arts experts? Their physical access would have allowed them to at least inflict some damage before being taken down.

    It’s pretty interesting that they got on the grounds without having to be matched against a list. That list comparison check is pretty much Physical Security 101 – even if they’re brilliant at social engineering.

  2. britoman says:

    Completely agree! Not really worried about weapons or anything, just the fact that you can gain physical access to the building. That is more than half the effort right there. Once your in and have access, its only a matter of time before you can figure out some other weaknesses.

    Like I said, some low level chum (and probably some higher level one) is going to atone for this…

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