moving the family

I spent yesterday helping the family move from one part of New Jersey to the other. Moving day is never a fun day.

We ended up starting at about 6am, taking the boxed items and cramming our cars. (We couldn’t rent a truck until about 9am). After two trips back and forth from the old house to the new, it looked like we had barely made a dent. At 9am we were able to get the big truck and pack all the large furnature, bedroom sets, mattresses and TVs. Then we loaded up our personal cars again with as much random stuff as possible.

At this point I feel it is necessary to point out that items weren’t exactly packed into boxes before I came to help with the move. Everything was just kind of haphazardly thrown into whatever container looked like it could contain the item. Plates weren’t wrapped, and it is amazing that none of them broke.

Around 12 the entire family decides to show up, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, they all came. So not only is the house in utter and total disarray, we now have 12 extra people running around, getting in the way, asking where the food is, and completely unable to help carry anything heavy. Of course, we now have to feed these people, so my brother and I run over to the Italian deli about halfway down the street and order about $200 worth of sandwiches and french fries.

Next we headed over to the storage unit to load all of the furnature that my mother purchased but could not store in her current home. And of course, this was the heaviest furnature known to man. For some reason everything was made of marble and glass. At this point in the day, things started to get a little heated. Everyone had a different opinion on how we should load the items in the truck, where we had to place them so we wouldn’t break anything, and what to do next in terms of loading. By the time we got these items back to the new house and unloaded them, it was starting to get dark and we had to return the truck to the rental place.

Unfortunately, we were not done with getting all of the items out of the old place. My mother’s office was still completely put together.

The entire time we were doing all of this loading and unloading, the only room in the house they completed putting together and unpacking was the master bedroom (of course).

I ended up spending the night on a mattress on the floor with no sheets and an uncovered pillow. Woot.

Comcast has not completed laying wire to this area and so they are not ready to sign up new customers at this location. On the other end Verizon has completed laying the necessary hardware for FiOS, however they haven’t finished marking the area as “existing” in their systems and so can not create a workorder for a tech to come out and complete the connection. My mother decided to buy a place in the middle of no-where and so there are no stray wireless networks. This place is completely devoid of any connection ot the outside world.

With that, I’m off to Verizon Wireless to sign up for a USB device to at least get one desktop computer on the Internets in this house. Whenever Verizon proper or Comcast decide they wish to service the area, they can cancel the service and get something a little more substantial. For now it looks like the only forms of entertainment will be reading, watching others play Wii and any DVDs that have managed to be unpacked.

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