I just finished reading Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.

I received it some time in February, however one thing led to another and I didn’t start reading it until mid-June.

Overall the book was not what I expected. Originally, before I even obtained the book, I thought it was about the power of first impressions and how to make a really good one. After receiving the book and reading the full title I realized it was about thinking and assumed that I would be learning boring tips on how to increase my cognitive ability in order to make snap judgments.

Upon actually reading the book I now know that it wasn’t really a guide to anything. It was simply a collection of anecdotes, research and analysis which support the fact that sometimes you just have to trust yourself. The collection of stories and research were quite interesting to read in their own right and may even teach you a thing or two about your own bias even when you consciously have none.

The book teaches that more information is not necessarily better. In certain cases we are better off trusting our first instincts and our judgments rather than spending hours deliberating. One must be careful and learn when it is appropriate to apply first instincts and when it is appropriate to fully analyze a situation.

The conclusion of the book is rather interesting in that it basically goes against human nature and states that it is best to analyze when the choices seem simple and to make snap decisions when the choices are numerous or complex. You’ll have to read the book to fully understand why.

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