uncompensated celebrity

I was reminded of this little bit of Internet oddness today. A while back I received a call from my college rowing coach telling me to go to Google and search for ‘rowing machine‘. The first sponsored result that comes up is rowingmachines.com. A site which once it popped up looked very very familiar to me. So familiar in fact that I realized I was their header logo.

Don’t believe me? Here I’ve included a link to a photo of me racing The Spirit of Scotland at the national championships in 2006.

So this site obviously cropped, reversed and blew up my picture all without contacting me. I’m not sure what to do. Do I contact the site and demand payment? The picture is from the backside, so is it just in the public domain? I do like the fact that I am a bit internet famous, even if no one can really tell it is me.

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