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2011 til date

Major updates: Jan – March: I did P90X and then stopped. In March I went to Barcelona, Granada and Madrid Spain. I enjoyed copious amounts of food and took many pictures. Even now I am craving some chorizo, queso and … Continue reading

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So, yeah… Utter failure when you consider the fact that I haven’t touched this thing since December. Work has gotten progressively busier and every week crazier than the previous. Honestly as each milestone has approached I (naively) thought that things … Continue reading

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busy day. total insanity at work as usual. this project is moving forward at 1000mph and it isn’t making any stops along the way. Found this interesting today. This is the exact counter-intuitiveness one comes to expect with the telecoms … Continue reading

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on airlines & baggage

As anyone who has ever flown in, once seen, or thought about an airplane, I feel as though it is my patriotic duty to add my inflation adjusted $0.02 into the mix. In-case you have been hiding under a rock … Continue reading

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eco-friendly in-name only?

I just received a post-card in the mail from my employer stating that in January they are launching their “eco-pay” program, whereby paper pay-stubs will no longer be mailed and employees will receive statements online. This is all designed to … Continue reading

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detroit city

I spent the past few days in and around the wondrous city known as Detroit. Or as the French call it, D├ętroit [det wa!] This was one of the many fact’s I learned about five minutes after I arrived at … Continue reading

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toytoa prius

I have to start off this post with a statement; I am impressed, but not impressed all at the same time. When I arrived Sunday night Hertz asked if I would like a free “upgrade” to Toyota Prius. (Gee, I … Continue reading

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