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new books

Got a whole bunch of new books for Christmas which need to be finished: Crash-Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse I.O.U.S.A.: One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt. More Information Than You Require A Whole New Mind: Why … Continue reading

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moving the family

I spent yesterday helping the family move from one part of New Jersey to the other. Moving day is never a fun day. We ended up starting at about 6am, taking the boxed items and cramming our cars. (We couldn’t … Continue reading

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the seven days of blackberry storm

By request, my day-by-day thoughts on my new Blackberry Storm.

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stacking food on animals

Watch the video on this site. Absolutely hilarious.

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bye-bye pom tea…

Wow, I am really behind the curve on this one, but POM has decided to stop selling their tea in glass bottles. I’m not sure if my local supermarket just finally cycled through all the old stock or what, but … Continue reading

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dr. horribles sing-a-long blog

This is definitely something you should watch. They did this during the writers strike, I am saddened that it took me this long to find it…

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dang it!

Ugh. I paid an expensive bill ($411) twice. I guess I thought I was being proactive when I was really being forgetful. Just checked my bank statement and sure enough, six days apart I sent them two checks for the … Continue reading

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