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social experiment by mistake

Moving into my new apartment earlier this month presented the opportunity to perform a social experiment. I have an old 27” CRT TV from my college days which due to some strange reasons has continued to follow me. When I … Continue reading

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the cloud?

Earlier today I read an article in Business Week entitled “Hacking for Dummies.” (Please forgive the inaccurate use of the word.) The article discussed how easy and cheap it is for anyone to “rent a botnet” for the day and … Continue reading

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PennDOT dosn’t understand risk

How trying to protect individuals from one form of identity theft may create another. Late last week I filled out a form on the PennDOT website notifying the Department of Motor Vehicles that I moved.  A few days later I … Continue reading

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the neighborhood crazy

So I am officially all “moved-in” to my new place. Now, this doesn’t mean that the 40 boxes in my living room are unpacked, but that is neither here nor there… I went to the in-house gym today and was … Continue reading

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