2011 til date

Major updates:

  • Jan – March: I did P90X and then stopped.
  • In March I went to Barcelona, Granada and Madrid Spain. I enjoyed copious amounts of food and took many pictures. Even now I am craving some chorizo, queso and eggs. (I miss you Taller Tapas…)
  • In April my job moved from the suburbs into Center City, which makes me immensely happy and shortened by commute by a collective hour and a half each day. Sadly, I have managed to fill that time with more working.
  • Phone was stolen, so I got an htc thunderbolt. <3.
  • In May I went to India for two weeks. It was hot and I got sick.
  • I bought a Groupon for ‘The Economist’ so I could keep tabs on all of the things wrong with the modern world.
  • I have developed a serious addiction to Seltzer water. (It’s tingly!)
  • The world didn’t end on May 21st.

In the next few weeks I’m planning trips to Denver and Chicago.

In the very immediate term I am considering making a ‘No Bake’ cheesecake and eating the whole thing for lunch (just because I can…)

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