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Events affecting my life.

2011 til date

Major updates: Jan – March: I did P90X and then stopped. In March I went to Barcelona, Granada and Madrid Spain. I enjoyed copious amounts of food and took many pictures. Even now I am craving some chorizo, queso and … Continue reading

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moving the family

I spent yesterday helping the family move from one part of New Jersey to the other. Moving day is never a fun day. We ended up starting at about 6am, taking the boxed items and cramming our cars. (We couldn’t … Continue reading

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dang it!

Ugh. I paid an expensive bill ($411) twice. I guess I thought I was being proactive when I was really being forgetful. Just checked my bank statement and sure enough, six days apart I sent them two checks for the … Continue reading

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car batteries are expensive

Around 1pm I decided it was time to go for my weekly supermarket run. I went out to my car, and click click click, was the sound of it not starting. Ugh. I had to rouse the roommate and get … Continue reading

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i am a child

I am a child. When left to my own devices when I am outside of the home, I eat garbage. I am currently in the airport and my dinner consisted of mozzarella sticks, potato chips and cookies. Need I say … Continue reading

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jury duty – it’s your duty!

Today I had the distinct pleasure of going down to City Hall and serving as a potential juror. Last night I called the selection commission’s number in the hopes that my instructions had changed and I did not have to … Continue reading

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elevators are scary

Looking back on the experience now, with a peculiarly melancholic kind of bewilderment, he recognizes that he walked onto an elevator one night, with his life in one kind of shape, and emerged from it with his life in another. … Continue reading

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