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Nothing like coming back from the doctors office feeling worse than when you entered. I had my Executive Health Exam today, which is a fancy way of saying my routine physical. This is the first physical I’ve had in about … Continue reading

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fat kid

ok. diet starts tomorrow. I might not be fat on the outside, but I’m a fat kid on the inside, and it really isn’t healthy! right after that fogo de chow for dinner… crap.

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macbook air

I’ve become moderately obsessed with finding the song that plays in the new macbook air commercial. I think I’ve succeeded: New Soul by Yael Naim

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my name is brito

and I have an eating disorder. I happened to find myself near 9th and Passayunk this afternoon and for no reason what so ever, I decided it was a good idea to grab a cheesesteak. Now mind you, I wasn’t … Continue reading

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