car batteries are expensive

Around 1pm I decided it was time to go for my weekly supermarket run. I went out to my car, and click click click, was the sound of it not starting. Ugh. I had to rouse the roommate and get out the jumper cables. After a few minutes of trying to remember the order to connect everything in we started his car and then attempted to start mine. click click click. So we decided to leave it for a few minutes. After about 20 minutes and a few attempts, I realized that the battery was probably too far gone to save and I would have to find another one.

Around 4:30 I got a ride to Pep Boys and purchased a brand new $90 Energizer battery. Now, they sell batteries for about $40, however my car had to be a V6. I got the new battery home only to find out after thirty minutes of trying that I do not have a tool long enough to remove the screw at the bottom of the old battery holding it in place. Ugh.

At this point I seriously considered just giving up on my car and bumming rides for a few weeks. Then someone reminded me that I have AAA and I pay them good money. After a quick phone call I get them to agree to come out to the apartment, however they will not install the battery I purchased, I will have to buy one from them. Fine, just come out here.

After the poor guy got lost for a good hour, he finally found my place and took a look at the car. Then he asked me to show him the battery I bought and offered to install it if I didn’t “tell AAA.” No problem. The guy got it in the car in about 10 minutes and the thing runs fine.

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