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Article: Homebound flu victims could stymie Internet

A Government Accountability Office report, released Oct. 26, says the Internet could slow dramatically if worker absenteeism reached 40 percent – a reasonable speculation for a severe flu outbreak, the report said.

The Internet, with many more users home with the flu, could become so congested that functions critical to the economy, such as online banking or stock trading, might grind to a halt.

really? Take a step back… does that really make sense?

Can someone please explain to me how the Internet manages to survive a typical weekend or holiday when a majority of the working public stays home? Heaven-forbid 40% of these (potentially) very sick individuals decide to stay home from work and watch streaming video all day instead of sleeping it off…

Perhaps the GAO should focus more on figuring out how we can address the growing Federal debt and leave the fear mongering to the real politicians.

Honestly, I really want to know if I am missing or overlooking something completely…

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