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Article: Union leaders turn down “sensational” deal

Imagine my surprise when earlier today I wander down to the bus stop at 8th and Arch and wait patiently for a bus that was never going to come. Apparently, at 3am SEPTA’s largest union went on strike impacting service on all subways, buses and trollys in the city. You know… the service that over one million people rely upon every day to get to work and school.

Last I had heard was the union agreed to take a strike off the table during the World Series as long as Governor Rendell and Mayor Nutter were involved in negotiations. Not even four hours after the last pitch was thrown did the union decide to reject the offer on the table causing Rendell pull out of negotiations saying, “They just didn’t know when to declare victory.”

Let the conspiracy theories start: “Rendell and the city were just trying to avoid national embarassment during the World Series. Now that the game has moved back to the Bronx, screw ’em.”

Don’t these unions ever learn that the only people impacted during a transit workers strike are the indivdiuals who are just trying to get to around. These individuals aren’t going to get mad at management for the strike, they are going to get mad at the employees who walked out.

Let’s just hope it dosn’t take them too long to figure this out…

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