I had to travel to Dallas for The Firm on Thursday and Friday of this past week, so I thought, why not extend the trip a little bit and visit my family for the weekend.

First, I decided to stay at the W Dallas Victory which was wonderful, whimsical and not the least bit woeful. (Sorry.) The rooms were fantastic, the ghostbar was intriguing and the views were quite excellent. I checked out a lovely little restaurant on McKinney Ave called Bread Winners. Everything on the menu was unique in some way, but tasted absolutely delicious. Although, I do not recommend the spinach dip, honestly I think they just warmed up a can of store bought spinach dip you can find in the chip isle of a supermarket. I had the Buttermilk Pan Fried Chicken as my entrée and it was superb. The chicken was juicy and not over done, the breading was just perfect and the cheesy potatoes and gravy were as homestyle as you can get.

After finalizing work my step mother picked me up from the office and drove me about twenty minutes north to the City of Frisco, where my father is now a police officer. Frisco was very cool. Everything is extremely new, and you can tell that what is there now, wasn’t there just a few years ago. It is growing very quickly, but the cost of living and housing prices are no where near what they are in the rest of the country. A house that would sell for $1.1 million in the northeast was barely $600k in Frisco. As my father has been tirelessly attempting to get me to move down to Texas, he took me around to a few open houses. The houses were amazing. Five bedrooms, two studies, a third “living area” and media rooms were standard. Even the “cheaper houses” in the $350k price range included all of the above features. Not a bad place to move if you are just starting a family, although it is a little too far outside of a city center for my taste. Also, the houses sit on zero property and backyards are non-existent. To get real land you have to move even farther outside of the city limits.

Who knows, Dallas and Texas made a good first impression on me, and I dare say that I will return.

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