tax season

is only exciting when you don’t make enough to have to actually owe anything.

I finally filed my return on Friday. It was an extreme hassle this year. Basically the IRS has some silly little rule that says you can’t e-file if you worked in more than four states. Funny thing is, TurboTax doesn’t tell you that until after you have paid for the software and filled out all the forms.

This resulted in my printing over 57 pages of paper forms to file with the five states The Firm made me work in this past year.  I gathered together what I think was appropriately sized envelopes and a ridiculous number of stamps and placed the letters in the mail. Now I wait, hoping I don’t get any “return to senders,” and that the good ole’ USPS doesn’t lose what I sent to Uncle Sam. The only real way I will know that everything got where it should go is when I see that canceled check.

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