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Got a little surprise today when I checked into my hotel. Apparently my Firm and the hotel chain I frequent are having a little appreciation week. I was lucky enough to book a stay at this particular brand on this particular week and benefit!

I ended up with a supremely large room, fruit basket, bottled water, a luggage thing and the opportunity to earn double points the rest of the year.  Not bad for doing something I was going to do already.

On another note, this past weekend was supremely awesome in its own right.  The bike race on Sunday was not to be believed. I’ve never seen that many people, that drunk standing next to that many cops cheering for that many cyclists. It was pretty awesome. Oh and running into kids you graduated high school with but haven’t seen in six years is fun too. Especially when you are out partying.

Watching the races also made me that much more excited to go see the Tour de France this summer.  I’ve come to realize there truly is nothing stopping anyone from taking their road bike and just hoping onto the course, jumping in with the pack (if you can keep up) and essentially joining the race. I swear I saw one guy do it this weekend.

Yesterday was totally worth waking up at 8am for.

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