adventures in indianapolis

Just arrived back after traveling to Indianapolis for work. Let me tell you; not much of anything there.

Our adventure started on the third smallest plane I have ever been on, but it was fairly empty so I was able to spread out a bit. At some point during the flight the person I was traveling with passes me a note. The note read, “The guy in the seat adjacent to you is watching porn.” So I of course take a peak over. Yup. Watching porn. On the plane. Who does that. Now… we later determined that the kind of porn he was watching was potentially illegal… no need to get into details, but lets just say you go to jail in these 50 United States for that type of stuff.

Segway from there, I’m not sure what it was, I guess they were having an off week, but for a “Mid-Western city” the people in Indy sure weren’t friendly. We got yelled at on the road, people at food establishments weren’t very service oriented etc… Maybe it had something to do with being from the east that threw them… didn’t seem to take kindly to our kind.

The nicest person in the whole city was a lady we met while vising one of the sites… she was from New Jersey.

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