concert annoyances

Went down to Delaware this past Tuesday to see the rocket summer, boys like girls and hellogoodbye perform. During the performance I was reminded of one of the many things at concerts that really annoys me… before we get to that lets step aside to the following…

Have you ever been on YouTube looking for a music video for (insert favorite artist here)? If you notice, as you are looking for that video, there are 4,000 other videos created by fans of live performances by said artist. Most of these videos are just awful… voice dosn’t sync to sound, too far away, too dark… the list goes on.

Back to this past Tuesday… I have now met these people who put awful music videos up on YouTube. They were standing in front of me at the hellogoodbye concert. Instead of just enjoying the show and looking at the stage like everyone else, these girls were holding up their cammeras watching the show on their tiny 1.3 inch LCD screens. Trying “oh so hard” to get the perfect shot so they can place it up on YouTube. This boggled my mind… Why ruin a perfectly good show by spending your own hard earned money to stand there, very still, not making an extra sound or movement so you can record the show for others to watch in really really poor quality?

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