first 37-miler

Nothing like jumping right into something right? Went on a ride with Madison and Leitz this morning. Nothing like waking up at 8 am on your day off from work after a night of drinking to go workout (for fun noless) :). We went around Lums Pond and then to Cheasapeake City, MD. I think I did alright keeping up with everyone else on the way there. It was the way back that killed me. Somewhere around mile 30 when I coulden’t feel my legs anymore I fell back. It was nice of them to slow down so I could catch up haha. I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

Apartment hunting on the other hand really does take a whole lot out of me. After about a two hour eleven minute ride we rushed to catch a train up to Manayunk so we could see some places. Thinking that streets would be closed due to the Bike Race we decided not to drive in, and just walk everywhere. Mistake. First thing, none of the streets were closed, but whatever. Second, the first place we went to look at was really nice, but kind of a long walk away from everything. Honestly, the place has everything we could want, and its brand new, and its within our price range. It’s just kind of removed from Main St. and would be a pretty horrible “drunk walk home.” The next place we looked at was a total dump, and also kind of far from everything.

Our next chance is Tuesday, we’re looking at four places after work. Hopefully we find something middle of the ground (close and nice).

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