a lesson in changes

So I just spent the past ten hours diagnosing a problem with my mac mini’s ability to connect to my wireless network.

Earlier today, out of nowhere (or so I thought) my mac was no longer able to connect to my home wireless network. I received the dreaded “Unable to Connect” no matter what I tried. It could see the network, just wouldn’t connect. Same thing with other nearby networks.

I scoured the Apple forums, rebooted countless times, edited XML files buried in the guts of the system all to no avail. I could not possibly think of what I had changed on my system to cause this nightmare. And then it hit me. Earlier in the day I moved my external hard drive from next to the computer to on-top of the computer. You know, where Apple put’s it’s Airport wireless cards. Yeah. I move the drive back to where it originally was and everything is fine again.

Lesson learned, sometimes physical change has an impact too…

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