the neighborhood crazy

So I am officially all “moved-in” to my new place. Now, this doesn’t mean that the 40 boxes in my living room are unpacked, but that is neither here nor there…

I went to the in-house gym today and was the only one there for a while. About halfway through my workout a strange woman came in, fully dressed and wearing a Sunday Hat. She then proceeded to turn off all of the lights. At this point, I did not say anything, as it was my first day and I really didn’t want to rock the boat. Maybe I was breaking some rule, using the lights at 8am? (There were lots of windows, so this was okay). Next, she takes some cleaning supplies and wipes down one of the machines. She then sits down on the machine and starts laughing at the show I was watching. A few moments later she walks over to where I am, sets up her mat and starts using the free weight. At this point she comments that she doesn’t think he (Stephen Colbert) writes his own material. I shrug and put my headphones back on. She then puts all of her stuff away and leaves.

All of this occurred in approximately ten minutes. Did I just meet the neighborhood crazy??

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